Construction Materials Testing/Inspection and Oversight Services

Earthtech is fully equipped to handle all of your construction needs. We serve a broad spectrum of clients including:

  • Individuals
  • General contractors
  • Engineering and architectural firms
  • Real estate services
  • Municipal/county entities.

We employ highly qualified and experienced project managers, professional engineers, support staff and technicians certified by ACI, PA DOT and Troxler agencies who are dedicated to to ensuring client satisfaction.

For inquiries regarding construction testing and oversight, contact Thomas J. Matisko, President.

Construction Materials Testing/Inspection and Oversight Services:

  • Construction inspection for buildings, utilities, site facilities, and demolition
  • Surveying: construction layout and property


  • Nuclear density/moisture testing
  • Sand cone density/moisture testing
  • Visual non-movement verification


  • Nuclear density testing
  • Roller pattern
  • Control strip density determination
  • Asphalt coring for thickness and density


  • Slump
  • Unit weight
  • Temperature
  • Air content (pressure and volumetric methods)
  • Concrete cylinders (6x12, 4x8, 3x6 molds)
  • Concrete coring for thickness determination
  • Grout cubes
  • Grout prisms
  • Compressive strength analysis

Construction Materials

  • Sprayed on fireproofing (thickness, density, adhesion/cohesion)
  • Slab moisture testing
  • Masonry inspection
  • Mortar cubes
  • Brick/block prisms
  • Aggregate sampling/testing

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