Earthtech has established a long history of planning, problem solving, and regulatory compliance work. Our environmental scientists have advanced degrees and experience in ecology, geology, biology, chemistry, GIS, and drafting. We have developed the capability and experience to provide our clients with a wide variety of services, with special emphasis on obtaining permits for regulated activities.

For inquiries about our environmental services, please contact Ryan D. Stairs, P.G.

Environmental Services:

  • Environmental assessments for real estate transfers
  • Residual and municipal wastes beneficial use general permit preparation
  • Air quality permit preparation
  • Extent of contamination in soil and groundwater studies
  • Permits and designs for land application of municipal and residual waste sludges
  • Emergency action plans (EAP), permits and engineering for dams
  • SPCC, SPR, and PPC preparation
  • Underground storage tank inspections and management
  • Permitting for above ground storage tank installations
  • Drinking water supply sampling and permitting
  • Landfill monitoring of surface and groundwater
  • Passive treatment system design
  • Monitoring system design and sampling
  • Coal combustion by-product studies
  • Mortgage qualification inspections for water supply and sewage facilities
  • Industrial waste characterization and treatment
  • Wetland delineations
  • PNDI investigations (Wild Plant Management Permit certified)
  • Stormwater design and NPDES stormwater permits
  • Clean fill management
  • Soil, ground water, surface water, and waste material sampling and sampling plans

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