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The amplified activity in deep shale drilling in Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia and Ohio has attracted increased interest in its environmental impacts. Our team of industry experts will provide technical guidance for your project to help meet the ever-changing requirements.

From permitting, geotechnical subsurface investigations, and construction oversight, Earthtech, Inc. covers a broad spectrum of technical services to ensure client satisfaction.

For inquiries about our oil and gas services, please contact Thomas J. Matisko, President.

Oil & Gas Services:

  • Desk-top geologic reports
  • Pre-construction soils reports
  • Geotechnical subsurface investigations
  • Erosion & Sedimentation control and ESCGP-2 permits
  • Restoration plans
  • Water obstruction and encroachment permitting
  • Complete water management plans, including low flow analysis, withdrawal impact analysis and associated permits
  • Chapter 105 general permits
  • Grading plans
  • Access road designs
  • Construction summary drawings
  • Impoundment and containment berm design
  • Natural and cultural resource assessments
  • PNDI investigations
  • Wetland delineations/mitigation plans
  • Surveying: GPS and conventional
  • GIS capabilities
  • PPC & SPCC plans
  • Construction oversight
  • Highway Occupancy Permits (HOP)
  • Slope stability analyses of well pad cut/fills
  • Tank settlement/bearing capacity analyses
  • Seismic refraction surveys
  • Soil/rock laboratory testing
  • Inclinometer installation/monitoring
  • Encountered coal handling plans
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